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The Founder

   At Mein Platz we pride ourselves in giving your child an abundance of opportunity to grow and shine, whether it's music, art, fitness, culinary art's, woodworking, crafts, special learning programs and more.

   Mein Platz provides the most important component for success; TIME . Every child gets his individual time and attention , time to talk, time to create, time to build his self-esteem , time to excel, time to be listened to and TIME TO GROW AND THRIVE!!!


Providing an oppurtunity for children since 2014 

MEIN PLATZ started in a children's bedroom in Monsey NY, Year after year, step after step it has grown to a staff of over 50 employees and over 30,000 square feet of space, your child can too, be part of what over 3,500 kids in Monsey call an experience at Mein Platz 

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